Our worship

Worship is at the very heart of who we are and what we do as a church. We first and foremost exist to worship our God. In our worship we glorify God because of his greatness, express our love for him, and receive his gifts to us. 


Scripture is God's very words to us, and is at the heart of our worship. Each week we are called into worship with the words from the Psalms. We pray the Scriptures, read the Scriptures and hear the Scriptures preached. 


Music is a central part of our worship.   

Because we believe that worship is an activity of the entire congregation, music at St. Paul’s seeks to support the congregational singing, rather than passively entertain. 

We have many talented musicians at St. Paul’s, who seek to use their gifts to enrich our congregational worship. 

At St. Paul’s we seek to use the best music from the history of the church, and you will find us using words and hymns that the Church has used for thousands of years, hymns from our own Christian tradition, and the best of the new music that is being written today. 


Prayer is how we speak to God, and is a great blessing for God's children to speak to their Father. We believe there is a special nature to corporate prayer, and we infuse our worship service with prayers. 

In our service you will hear prayers that praise and thank God, prayers of confession of sin, and prayers asking for God's help in our lives. 


Jesus gave to his disciples two practices, which we call sacraments. These practices are baptism and the Lord's supper. Because Jesus knows that we often struggle with doubt, he has given us these tangible pictures of his grace, confirming in our hearts what he has done for us. Baptism is a visible sign that by his work he has washed away our sins. The Lord's supper is a visible sign that he has given his body, and shed his blood that we may be forgiven. 

Currently we celebrate the Lord's supper on the first Sunday of the month.