We Exist to Worship, Know, and Proclaim Christ as Lord in our Community and Beyond. 

Our Identity:

St. Paul’s Church is a local congregation of believers. We are eager to be able to work with likeminded churches in our common mission of spreading the gospel. 

Worship : Glorifying Christ.

We exist first and foremost to worship Jesus Christ. Worship is both the starting point and goal of all that we do. We gather weekly to worship, and from there we are sent out to serve and worship Christ in our daily lives.

Know: Growing in Christ.

We seek to grow in Christ by knowing Christ better. We do this by learning together, by serving one another, and encouraging each other in Christ. We strive do this in our individual lives through private study, prayer, and living out a Biblical witness.

Proclaim: Sharing Christ.

We desire not only to know Christ ourselves, but to make him known to others. We seek to see Christ proclaimed not only in the preaching of our gathered worship, but in our witness through our day to day lives. We seek to become people so amazed by the gospel that we cannot help but speak about it to others.

Christ as Lord:
We believe that Christ is not simply one spiritual option among many, but rather that he is Lord of all, and every person owes him their allegiance, faith, and worship.

Our Community:

God has called St. Paul’s church to a particular location. We are situated on the border of northern Baltimore and Carroll County Maryland, and southern York County, Pennsylvania. We are an easy driving distance from Manchester, Hampstead, Westminster, and the Hereford Zone in  Maryland, and Shrewsbury, New Freedom, Glen Rock, and Hanover in Pennsylvania. We seek to impact our neighbors with the gospel, as well as see God’s Kingdom grow throughout all the world.